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Full 2022-04 Build Summary
14,013distinct phosphopeptides
1,654canonical proteins


The Rice Phosphoproteome PeptideAtlas provides a compendium of results from uniformly reprocessed mass spectrometry proteomics datasets.

Available datasets of phosphopeptide enrichment rice samples were reprocessed from the raw files using the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline suite of tools.


SEARCH(e.g. Os05t0144400-01)


A publication describing the Rice Phospho PeptideAtlas build is in progress. For now, please just reference this URL, and check back later for a citation.


Below are individual Rice Phospho PeptideAtlas builds available for download in various flat file formats. Note that not all files contain all information from the build. A build subtitled "PSM FDR=0.002" denotes a PSM FDR threshold of 0.002 (0.2%) is applied to every sample in the build.

Rice Phospho 2022-04 PSM FDR = 0.0003Latest Build
  • Biosequence Set in FASTA format [54MB]
  • Database tables exported as TSV dump file [5MB]
  • Database tables exported as mysql dump file [6MB]
  • Peptide CDS and chromosomal coordinates [1MB]
  • Peptide CDS coordinates [1MB]
  • Peptide sequences in FASTA format [422KB]


Complete description of each of the available download formats

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We gratefully acknowledge the support for the Rice Phospho PeptideAtlas from the National Science Foundation grant DBI-1933311 “PTMexchange: Globally harmonized re-analysis and sharing of data on post-translational modifications” .