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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: "How should I cite PeptideAtlas?"

We thank you for citing PeptideAtlas in any publication that makes use of PeptideAtlas. You can find appropriate citations on our Publications page.

FAQ: "How do I search for a peptide sequence?"

On the left navigation bar, enter the sequence in the space under "Search Database" and press Enter. A table will be displayed with one row for each PeptideAtlas build in which your peptide appears. If it does not appear in any build, a message to that effect will appear.

FAQ: "How can I view the spectra of a peptide sequence?"

Perform the procedure above. In the resulting table, click any peptide identifier. You will be taken to a page with links to all spectra identified to that peptide in that PeptideAtlas build.

FAQ: "Where can I download spectra or search results?"

The spectra and search results are available in the repository

FAQ: "What is public about your data?"

The following sample record fields are made available if you you have specified minimum public access (private).

1: Institution, Contact, Date
7: Organism NCBI_TaxID (9606 for human)
11: Cell-type

The spectra are not made available for the minimum public access (private) datasets.

The following sample record fields are made available if you you have specified full public access.

1: Institution, Contact, Date
2: URL link to www resource
3: Literature PubMed ID
4: Experiment description
5: Treatment Description
6: Instrument type (LCQ, etc.)
7: Organism NCBI_TaxID (9606 for human)
8: Bio source description (eVOC) anatomical site
9: Developmental stage (eVOC)
10: Pathology (eVOC)
11: Cell-type
12: Date that we may make the raw data available to the public

The spectra and data products are made available for the public access datasets. They are available at http://www.peptideatlas.org/repository

If you have other questions, please send email.